Fish’s Midweek Picks

This past weekend’s picks went 3-3 , which is not that bad considering there was only one match-up of ranked teams, meaning the rest of the games were crap.  Not much basketball action this week, but don’t worry, that just means more #MACTION.


  1. #25 Baylor at Wisconsin (In Kansas City) 11/20


This will be the only basketball game I will pick this week, and I’m going with Wisconsin.  I think this will be a very good game, so expect the line to be close.  Wisconsin is coming off of a tough loss to a very very good Xavier team.  I haven’t seen much of Baylor this year, but based on all of my busted brackets in the past, they are always overrated.  Pick the Badgers, especially if Baylor is favored to win.


2. Miami (OH) (-21) at Ball State 11/21

Miami of O.png

The return of #MACTION, how sweet the sound.  Ball State flat out sucks.  Ball State has lost by more than 20 in their last 5 out of 6 games.  Now, Miami is not a good football team, but I believe they are competent enough to beat a horrid Ball State team by 21.

3. Mississippi at #16 Mississippi State (-14) 11/23

Mississippi St.png


This probably should be my lock of the week, but it falls in at #3.  Ole Miss just wants to end their horrible 5-6 season, and Mississippi State will be more than happy to end it for them.  Mississippi State will kick the stuffing (little Thanksgiving reference for ya) out of Ole Miss when they come to town on Thanksgiving night.

4. Western Michigan at Toledo (-11.5) 11/24


This is the most #MACTION game possible.  I want you to close your eyes and picture this.  You’re in Toledo, it’s late November, you’re freezing your balls off as small white snowflakes hit your face.  You, a devoted fan, showed up for a for a thrilling game between the Broncos of Western Michigan at the Rockets of Toledo, and by the way, it’s 11:30 am!!!!!! I don’t think the players will even know what is going on.  Everyone is quick to rally around the SEC wanting to get rid of 12:00 kickoffs, but who will fight for the little guys from the MAC who have to deal with an 11:30 am kickoff. Poor kids won’t know whats going on. Anyway, I’m riding the Rockets at -11.5

5.  #3 Miami (-14) at Pittsburgh 11/24

Miami U

The only thing I am scared of in this game is the Miami players not knowing what cold weather is.  God forbid it snows, then we’ll be in trouble.  Either way, Miami will come to Pittsburgh and roll the Panthers.  Miami only has a couple more games standing in the way of them and the College Football Playoffs, and they will not let Pitt ruin the party for them.


Iowa (-2.5) at Nebraska 11/24

Iowa Hawkeyes

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Iowa sucked last week; and yes I also know I picked them last week as well.  But, lets remember that Iowa is a hot and cold team so since we caught them on a cold week last time, they are due to be hot this week.  Plus, their game against Ohio State was at 3:30 and they are playing Nebraska at 4:00, so it’s their time of the day.  Look for the Hawkeyes to not repeat last weekend and cover the -2.5 against a not very good Nebraska team.

I’m sensing a 6-0 week (I know I said that last weekend, but this time I truly believe it). Get rich kids.


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