Real Winners And Losers Of Week One In The NFL


The Denver Broncos

Not many people knew what to think when the Broncos named Trevor Siemian their starting quarterback. Would he hold Denver back? Well, you have your answer. The Broncos can win with Siemian. They showed that in their first game when they bested the Carolina Panthers in a Super Bowl rematch. Siemian didn’t have a great game, but it didn’t matter. The Broncos showed that they are still a Super Bowl contender.

The New England Patriots


Everyone expected them to lose against the Cardinals. Brady is serving a suspension and Gronkowski was hurt. But Jimmy Garappolo surprised everyone with his solid play. Now, there are only three games left until Brady can get back on the field. Every win that the Patriots can get without Brady is a bonus for them. Garappolo still has a lot to prove, but he had a nice first game that should boost the confidence of Patriots fans everywhere.

The Kansas City Chiefs

Image result for kansas city chiefs

What a game! After being down 21-3, the Chiefs battled back and defeated the Chargers in overtime. Alex Smith ran in the game winning touchdown, and also threw for 363 yards and two scores. Winning a division game like that will help their playoff run immensely. They started off slow, but showed that they had the resilience to come back and grind out a win. That is something they will need to do late in the season.


Carolina Panthers

Panthers logo

The Panthers had an opportunity to avenge their Super Bowl loss, but they faltered. Newton was hit a plethora of times and C.J. Anderson ran all over Carolina’s defense. Obviously, there is still plenty of time to right the ship, but this is not the start that the Panthers wanted.


Image result for RG3 Browns injury

One game. That’s all he lasted. And he didn’t even play very well. This might be a blessing in disguise for Cleveland. Josh McCown isn’t a world beater, but he is an underrated quarterback. For RG3, this is just another disappointment in a career filled with disappointments. This may have been RG3’s last chance to start for an NFL team.

The Los Angeles Rams

Image result for LA Rams

What an awful start for the Rams. Losing 28-0 is bad, but losing 28-0 to a San Francisco team led by Blaine Gabbert is even worse. Case Keenum looked awful and so did their defensive line. Carlos Hyde was able to bully his way to two touchdowns and 88 yards. Todd Gurley also disappointed in his season debut. If the Rams don’t fix things, they are headed for another 7-9 season.




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