Submission Series Promotions Puts On A Stellar Event


Submission Series Promotions had an amazing, live PPV event on July, 30th. Chokes by the Ocean was a complete success. Although most of the competitors were not very well known, they put on one heck of a show. The card started off with some children and teen matches, which was great. EBI does this as well and it is a great way to expand the sport of grappling. This kind of stuff shows kids that there is a future in competitive grappling for them if they work hard. I was also really happy that, if there was no submission, the referee decided who won. I love EBI, but the overtimes can be a little tedious, especially when it goes on for a few rounds. I prefer the way that Submission Series decides a winner if there is no submission.13908850_497097853820990_8653421548484326770_o

The matches were excellent. Oliver Taza, of the Danaher Death Squad, showed his dominance by winning via a lightning fast heel hook. Other stand outs included Shane Fishman and Dainis Nguyen. Shane Fishman battled back and forth with Cameron Daniels. It was an exciting match that Shane was able to finish via a bow and arrow choke. Dainis Nguyen, who faced off against Mike Kitson in the main event, won the match by knee bar. I also can’t overlook Mike Thibodeau vs Keenan Janes. It was an excellent match with both competitors being extremely aggressive and going for submissions the entire time. Thibodeau may have won by decision, but Janes has nothing to be disappointed about.


Overall, there wasn’t a bad match during the show. Sure, some of the kids matches did get a little tedious, but they were still entertaining, and it is important to have kids on a stage like that. Derek “Cat” Clarke is doing phenomenal things for BJJ. The show was great and the price tag was only $7.99. I just watched Metamoris and paid $15 to see five matches, in a row, end in a draw. If you love submission grappling, then you will love Submission Series Promotions.



Final Results:

Julius defeats Tacari via americana

Drake Farrell defeats Noah Stoodley via decision

Dave Reynolds defeats Travis Shaw via toehold

Alexandra defeats Kalab via decision

Joe Pilmer defeats Mathieu TarantiniĀ  via decision

Mike Thibodeau defeats Keenan Janes via decision

Shane Fishman defeats Cameron Daniels via bow and arrow choke

Joel Jacquard defeats Lance Campbell via decision

Emily Simoes defeats Megan Coyne via decision

Cleea Straklevski and Jocelyn Little draw

Nate O’Brien defeats Shaun Wallace via shoulder lock

Nicholas Michael defeats Jon Foster via heel hook

Matthew Desroches defeats Richard Arsenault via knee bar

Gavin Tucker defeats Jon Williams via straight arm lock

Oliver Taza defeats Shaun McManus via heel hook

Dainis Nguyen defeats Mike Kitson via knee bar










  1. Article is short and sweet. Would like to point out spelling mistakes in people’s last names. I’m sure it is not a big deal to most but to the person whom the name is spelt wrong, it doesn’t look right. Taking a minute to double check your work can result in a much more appreciative read.

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