The Aftermath: Metamoris 7

It has been over a week since Metamoris 7 happened, and this has allowed me to think about the event. My initial feelings haven’t changed that much. Metamoris 7 was boring. It had the same problem as its predecessors. Big names, but little action. There was only one submission at Metamoris 7, and that was Garry Tonon tapping out Ralek Gracie. Jeff Glover’s match against Bruno Malfacine was an exciting match, but it did not end in a submission. Other than that, the matches were pretty long and boring. Satoshi Ishii vs Vladimir Matyushenko stood out as the worst match of the night. Ishii scored a takedown early, and they preceded to lay on each other for the better part of 20 minutes. It seemed like Ishii did not know that this was a BJJ match. He had multiple opportunities to take Matyushenko’s back and choke him out, but felt content to ride him as if it were a wrestling match.

However, there were definitely some awesome moments at this event. Jeff Glover is always exciting, and he didn’t disappoint. Malfacine had him in few tight armbars, but Glover survived. He went on to attempt a few leg locks on Malfacine. They went back and forth throughout the entire match. Another highlight was Fabio Leopoldo vs Eduardo Telles. Both of these old school guys brought it. Leopoldo had many guillotine choke attempts and we got a good look at Telles’ Turtle-Guard. Finally, the main event did deliver. There was action on the feet as well as action on the mat. Ralek Gracie was able to use his size to power out of certain positions, and he didn’t look completely helpless for the most part. But, of course, Tonon got the tap. However, the match was still exciting, and seeing Ralek tap was worth my 15 dollars.

Overall, the card was okay. But they need to get rid of the draws and lower the time limit. Watching two guys not attempt submissions for 20 minutes is extremely tedious. Metamoris is being destroyed by other shows like EBI and Polaris. And I am still waiting to hear about payment. Ralek Gracie has a history of not paying his athletes, but I haven’t heard anything like that about this particular event. If Metamoris doesn’t change some of their rules to produce more submissions, then they won’t last much longer.


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