The NBA Must Add a “Best Player” Award

Steph Curry has won his second straight MVP award. All season, the Golden State Warriors destroyed their opponents on the way to a 73 win season. Curry led the charge by raining 402 three pointers on opposing teams. He was almost flawless, but he should not have gotten MVP. We have seen that the Warriors can still win without him. Curry has missed four games this postseason, and the Warriors have done just fine without him. So how can you be the MVP when your team can still play well without you? LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, or Kevin Durant should have received the MVP award over Curry.

This is not a knock on Curry. This is a knock on the NBA. They need to add more awards so they can celebrate the players that deserve them. Curry had a heck of a season, but the other players I mentioned carried their teams to the playoffs. To address this problem, there should be two different awards. An “MVP” award and a “Best Player” award. This way the proper players can get the proper recognition.

This isn’t the only season that this has happened, and it won’t be the last. People think that MVP and best player are synonymous, but they aren’t. Creating two different awards would also allow players who are stuck on bad teams to get coverage. It was also let the fans know where certain players could improve. If a player is always in the running for “Best Player” but never in the running for “MVP”, then it would be evident that he has great skills, but does not help his team.


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