Southeast Division Report Card

Southeast Division


Atlanta Hawks 35-28 (4 seed in the East) Grade: B


The Atlanta Hawks are playing mid level basketball this season. The reason why they are 31-24 is because they play as a team. They are just missing something in their backcourt. During the trade deadline, big Hawks stars were on the block. The franchise needs to either commit to rebuilding or commit to winning a championship. Overall they are okay.


Miami Heat 37-26 (5 seed in the East) Grade: C+


The Miami Heat has all the pieces to be contenders in the East, but sadly injuries are plaguing this team’s success. Chris Bosh might be out for the remainder of the season due to blood clots again. That’s very sad because this team is fantastic this year and Chris Bosh is a class act. The Heat are a team that should also think about rebuilding. They made a good pick up in Brian Roberts at the trade deadline. He will be a good back up for Dragic.



Charlotte Hornets 33-28 (8 seed in the East) Grade: B-


The Charlotte Hornets are playing solid team ball right now. They are currently just lacking talent. Al Jefferson is very good but is just an above average Center, and Kemba Walker takes too many shots, which messes up the team chemistry. The Hornets need to a better coach, and just one big star player. They are still rebuilding and the future is looking good. Just not right now.  Good move in picking up Courtney Lee at the trade deadline. This brings good defense and another outlet of scoring for this team.


Washington Wizards 30-32 (10 seed in the East) Grade: C-


At the beginning of the season, the Wizards were predicted to be one of the top teams in the East. That was at the beginning of the year, and that story has changed. John Wall has been playing well, and so has Beal and the rest of the team. They just can’t seem to find any consistency this year.


Orlando Magic 27-34 (11 seed in the East) Grade: B


The Orlando Magic have continued to rebuild this year. This season, they have shown flashes of what they could be in a few years. They added Jennings and Ersen who are veterans and will bring great experience to this team. Overall, they have done a great job this year, and are another year closer to where they want to be. The Magic Just need to re-sign young talent and stick to their plan and they will back in the playoffs, just not this year.


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