NBA Trade Deadline Recap

NBA Trade Deadline Recap

All reports are reported by ESPN



Feb. 16


Three team TRADE: Hornets, Grizzlies, and Heat.


Charlotte Hornets get: Courtney Lee, SG (from Grizzlies)


Memphis Grizzlies get: P.J. Hairston SF (from Hornets); Chris Andersen, C; and two second round picks (from Heat)


Miami Heat get: Brian Roberts, PG (from Hornets)


Reported by ESPN




TRADE: Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic


Detroit Pistons get: Tobias Harris, SF


Orlando Magic get: Brandon Jennings, PG; Ersan Ilyasova, PF


Reported by ESPN



Feb. 18


TRADE: Miami Heat and New Orleans Pelicans


Miami Heat get: Protected second-round pick


New Orleans Pelicans get: Jarnell Stokes, F; $700,000 cash


Reported by ESPN




TRADE: Utah Jazz and Atlanta Hawks


Utah Jazz get: Shelvin Mack, PG


Atlanta Hawks get: Second-round pick


Reported by ESPN


TRADE: Detroit Pistons and Houston Rockets


Detroit Pistons get: Donatas Motiejunas, PF; Marcus Thornton, SF


Houston Rockets get: Joel Anthony, PF; 2016; first-round pick (top-eight protected)


Reported by ESPN





TRADE: Oklahoma City Thunder and Denver Nuggets


Oklahoma City Thunder get: Randy Foye, SG


Denver Nuggets get: Steve Novak, SF; D.J. Augustin, PG; two second-round draft picks


Reported by ESPN





Three team trade: Cavs, Trail Blazers, Magic


Cleveland Cavaliers get: Channing Frye, F (from Magic)


Portland Trail Blazers get: Anderson Varejao, C (from Cavs); conditional first-round pick (from Cavs)


Orlando Magic get: Jared Cunningham, SG (from Cavs); second-round pick (from Blazers)


Reported by ESPN





TRADE: Phoenix Suns and Washington Wizards


Phoenix Suns get: Kris Humphries, PF; DeJuan Blair, PF; protected first-round pick


Washington Wizards get: Markieff Morris, PF


Reported by ESPN


TRADE: Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies


Los Angeles Clippers get: Jeff Green, SF


Memphis Grizzlies get: Lance Stephenson, SG; first-round pick


Reported by ESPN


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