Eddie Bravo Invitational 5 Review

EBi 5

Eddie Bravo hosted his 5th invitational tournament on Sunday and it was awesome. The 155 pound competitors really brought it. Even with lots of competitors pulling out, the tournament was still very entertaining. The biggest surprise of the night was the Australian, Lachlan Giles. Giles won his first match against Nathan Orchard in overtime, via escape time. He then went on to submit decorated grappler, Rani Yahya, via armbar. Unfortunately, Giles lost in the semi-finals to eventual winner Garry Tonon, but that doesn’t take anything away from his performance. I hope we see him at another EBI in the future.

My favorite match of the night was defending champ Denny Prokopos vs Rafael Domingos. During the regulation time period, not a lot of action happened. But as soon as overtime started, both competitors really went for the win. At one point, Prokopos hate a nice looking rear naked choke almost locked up, but Domingos slipped out of it. Domingos eventually slapped an arm bar on Prokopos to get the win. The way Domingos celebrated afterwards is something that BJJ needs. He was extremely excited, and showed his emotions, which doesn’t happen a lot in submission grappling competition. There has to be some passion and excitement behind what you are doing, otherwise, what’s the point?

I really feel bad for Kim Terra, who made it to the semi-finals, but was injured during his match. Terra had two overtime submission wins before he faced Rafael Domingos in the semi-finals. I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but at some point Kim Terra injured his ribs. At first he tried to continue competing, but it was obvious that he was in pain. He ended up withdrawing from the match. Hopefully Terra will get another chance to compete.

Garry Tonon tore through the other competitors, just like I expected. He won by rear naked choke, triangle choke, and two heel hooks. Tonon really looks unstoppable in this type of format. He is a three time EBI champ, and he has won all three titles with relative ease. Tonon has expressed interest in MMA, which would be awesome to see.

The exhibition matches were also very entertaining, and a good change of pace. However, there was a scary moment when Riley Breedlove caught Sophie Lee in a heel hook and she didn’t tap. She was obviously injured, and had trouble standing up after the match. I don’t think that kids of their age should be using heel hooks in competition. It is just too dangerous, especially if you can’t recognize when you are in one, like Lee.

Eddie Bravo really knows how to put together an entertaining show. His tournaments are great for hardcore and causal fans alike. Hopefully, he can continue to push the sport of submission grappling to unprecedented heights.

Full results:

Round 1

Garry Tonon defeats Stephen Martinez via rear naked choke

Javier Vasquez defeats Lucas Brown via arm bar

Lachlan Giles defeats Nathan Orchard in OT via escape time

Rani Yahya defeats Jason Buzzard via guillotine

Denny Prokopos defeats Christian Carrillo via triangle choke

Rafael Domingos defeats Geoff Real via arm triangle

Kim Terra defeats Juan Bernardo via rear naked choke in OT

Ruben Alvarez defeats Jonathan Ortega via heel hook

Round 2

Garry Tonon defeats Javier Vasquez via heel hook

Lachlan Giles defeats Rani Yahya via arm bar

Rafael Domingos defeats Denny Prokopos via arm bar in OT

Kim Terra defeats Ruben Alvarez via rear naked choke in OT


Garry Tonon defeats Lachlan Giles via triangle choke

Rafael Domingos defeats Kim Terra via injury


Garry Tonon defeats Rafael Domingos via heel hook

Exhibition matches

Riley Breedlove defeats Sophie Lee via heel hook

Derek Rayfield defeats Aaron Curtain via triangle choke

Lila Smadja defeats Talita Alencar in OT via escape time







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