NFL Week Seven Losers, Winners And More!


The Miami Dolphins

Since firing Joe Philbin, the Dolphins have won two straight games and outscored their opponents 82-36. Yes, the Titans and Texans aren’t very good teams, but this is a drastic turnaround in such a short amount of time. Head coach, Dan Campbell, has done an excellent job in Miami. This shows that the problem was with the coaching, not the talent on the team. Ryan Tannehill threw four touchdowns against the Texans, and running back Lamar Miller had 236 total yards and two touchdowns. Miami has a pivotal match up against New England next, and a win against them could keep the momentum going.

The Oakland Raiders

The Raiders have already reached the number of wins they had last year, at three. Over the weekend, they managed to knock off their division rivals, the San Diego Chargers. Derek Carr threw for 289 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions. Latavius Murray was able to come through in the rushing game, racking up 85 yards and a touchdown. Rivers couldn’t handle Oakland’s defense, throwing two interceptions. I still don’t think the Raiders are playoff bound, but they are very close.

Stefon Diggs

This Vikings’ rookie wide receiver has been phenomenal this year. In his debut game against the Broncos, he had six catches for 87 yards. In his second game, against the Chiefs, he caught the ball seven times for 129 yards. And this past weekend, he caught his first touchdown against the Lions, and what a catch it was. Diggs is developing into an excellent wide receiver, and is an early candidate for Rookie of the Year.


The Dallas Cowboys

Dallas has now dropped four straight games, and their most recent loss came to the Giants. Changing quarterbacks didn’t matter, as Matt Cassel threw three interception, one of them a pick-six. They still managed to keep it close, until Dwayne Harris returned a kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown. Now 2-4, and at the bottom of the division, the Cowboys are in dire straits. At this rate, not even the return of Tony Romo and Dez Bryant can save this team.

The Indianapolis Colts

Luckily, the Colts are in a weak division. If not for that, they most likely would not make the playoffs. Indianapolis lost to the struggling Saints, and Andrew Luck continues to turn the ball over at an alarming rate. They did almost mount a comeback, but they fell short. They have the talent, so I expect the coaching staff and front office to get cleaned out in the offseason. If you’re a Colts’ fan, expect one and done in the playoffs.

The Seattle Seahawks

Yes, they won, but it wasn’t that great of a showing. Against one of the worst defenses in the league, they only managed to put up 20 points. On top of that, Russell Wilson threw two interceptions. Yes, a win is a win, but the Seahawks just don’t look the same. They’ll be able to get some wins, but the playoffs are still far away for them.

Cry Baby Of The Week:

Greg Hardy

This guy just doesn’t get it. The gun toting, woman beating defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys threw a fit during the game on Sunday. He was seen shoving teammates and knocking a clipboard out of a coaches hand. He seems to be unaware of how everyone views him. Well, everyone except Jerry Jones, who wants to sign him to a contract extension. Hardy should not even be in the NFL, but since he is there you would think he’d try to keep a low profile. Unfortunately for him, he isn’t that smart.


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