Breaking Down The Bears: Week Two

The Chicago Bears faced off against the Arizona Cardinals after losing to the Green Bay Packers in week one. The Cardinals were coming off of a blow out win over the New Orleans Saints. This match up should have led to an interesting game, but it did not. The Cardinals, led by a healthy Carson Palmer, looked as good as ever. Palmer threw for 185 yards and four touchdowns, three of those going to long time Arizona Cardinal great, Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald finished the game with eight receptions for 112 yards and three touchdowns. Fitzgerald and Palmer were not the only ones to put up great numbers for Arizona. Veteran running back, Chris Johnson, chipped in with 72 yards on the ground. This was a very impressive game for the Arizona Cardinals. They only allowed 23 points against the Bears, and 19 points in week one, which is only 42 points allowed this season. As long as the Cardinals keep up this great momentum they will be one of the tougher teams to beat in the NFC.

The biggest disappointment of this game was Jay Cutler and Chicago Bears’ defense. Cutler started the game off  by going 8 of 9 for 120 yards with a touchdown and interception, which isn’t a bad start. However, Jay would get injured after throwing an interception. The Bears claim it is a hamstring injury, but it looked like Cutler injured his throwing shoulder when I was watching. Former Notre Dame great, Jimmy Clausen, had to take over for the injured Cutler. He went 14 of 23 for 121 yards and an interception that led to the fall of the Chicago Bears. There is  a lot of problems with this team, but the biggest problem is the quarterback situation. There has been some talk that the Bears could attempt to acquire Robert Griffin III from the Redskins. RG3 was drafted second overall in the 2012 draft, and was the 2012 Rookie of The Year. Griffin has had injury problems these last few years, which makes me question how good of an idea it is to trade for him. Chicago will take it a week at a time, and concentrate on getting better and trying to win football games.


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