Eddie Cummings Blows Through EBI 4

Eddie Bravo hosted his fourth invitational tournament last night. This tournament featured some of the best featherweight submission grapplers in the world. EBI 4 was an absolutely amazing event. There were submissions galore, and the teen superfights were magnificent. Alyssa Wilson and Cora Sek had the most exciting match of the night. It’s truly amazing to see children pull of such high level techniques on such a big stage.

The tournament was filled with submissions. The first three matches ended in submissions. Joe Soto was the biggest surprise of the night. No one expected him to get to the finals, but he ended up there. Everyone expected Eddie Cummings to get to the finals. The leg lock master slapped a Heel Hook on anyone who dared to step on the mat with him. He would eventually claim the EBI 4 championship by, you guessed it, Heel Hooking Joe Soto in the finals.

The biggest disappointment was Joao Miyao. All of his matches went to overtime, and they were not very exciting. Miyao seemed content to try his Berimbolo game over and over again, even though it was obvious it wasn’t working. EBI is really starting to upstage Metamoris. Events like the one last night are perfect to show your friend who has never watched submission grappling before. And, there are actually WINNERS. No draws like in Metamoris. The only problem with EBI is that sometimes the matches seem to go on for a little too long. But it is definitely the best submission grappling promotion that I have seen. Eddie Bravo is helping professional grapplers get exposure and get paid. I can’t wait for EBI 5!

Official results:

Opening round:

Geo Martinez def. Sergio Perez via Rear-Naked Choke

Joe Soto def. Eddie Fyvie via Heel Hook

Geoff Real def. Dane Molina via Kneebar

Joao Miyao def. Mike Main in OT

Eddie Cummings def. Kevin Berbrich via Heel Hook

Russ Miura def. Alexis Alduncin via Heel Hook

Randall Dolf def. Joe Murphy in OT

Baret Yoshida def. Dennis Dombrow via Kneebar


Superfight 1:

Alyssa Wilson def. Cora Sek


Quarter finals:

Baret Yoshida def. Randall Dolf via Rear-Naked Choke

Eddie Cummings def. Russ Miura via Heel Hook

Joao Miyao def. Geoff Real in overtime via Rear-Naked Choke

Joe Soto def. Geo Martinez in overtime via fastest escape


Superfight 2:

Talita Alencar def. Kyra Batara via Armbar in overtime


Semi Finals:

Eddie Cummings def. Baret Yoshida via Heel Hook

Joe Soto def. Joao Miyao in overtime via fastest escape


Superfight 3:

Grace Gundrum def. Jessa Khan via Rear-Naked Choke in overtime



Eddie Cummings def. Joe Soto via Heel Hook


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