3 Teams That Should Sign Reggie Wayne

Reggie Wayne has stated that he still wants to play in the NFL. He’s past his prime, but many think he still has some gas left in the tank. Here are three teams that would benefit from signing the veteran wide receiver.

1. The New England Patriots

Bill Belicheck would be able to squeeze every last ounce of production out of Wayne. The Patriots love signing players to short term deals, and this deal would be no different. The Super Bowl champs could use another weapon to line up alongside Gronkowski and Edelman. Reggie Wayne would be a great safety net for Jimmy Garoppolo, and Tom Brady when he returns from his suspension.

2. The Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have lacked a true number one wide receiver over these past few seasons. Wayne could be the short term answer to that problem. The acquisition of Jimmy Graham will allow Seattle to open up their passing game a bit more, but he’s only one player. Reggie Wayne would do wonders for a team that has had an underwhelming passing attack these last few seasons.

3. The Kansas City Chiefs

Sure, we all know Alex Smith is no Peyton Manning, but his wide receivers have been dreadful in Kansas City. Their acquisition of Jeremy Maclin should certainly help Smith out, but he needs more than one target. Wayne would probably impact this team the most out of the three listed. He could join this team and become an immediate number one or two receiver for Alex Smith.


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