Eddie Bravo Invitational 3 Recap

This past Sunday, Eddie Bravo hosted his third BJJ tournament. It was the first one available through online pay per view. The 16 man tournament included the likes of Gary Tonon, Enrico Cocco, Nathan Orchard and others. Tonon would eventually end up retaining his welterweight title by defeating Josh Hinger in the finals. Hinger’s run through the tournament was very impressive, and he even took Tonon into overtime.

Another competitor who had an impressive run was Darragh O’Conaill. He submitted Javier Vasquez in overtime, and then submitted Richie Martinez in his next match. The match between teammates Gary Tonon and Eddie Cummings was another highlight of the tournament. EBI 3 was filled with exciting moments, and more importantly, submissions.

The submission only format of this tournament worked very well. It felt more action packed than recent Metamoris cards. This is mostly due to the shorter time limit, 10 minutes instead of 20, and the aggressiveness of the competitors. Having the teenage matches in between the tournament matches was a stroke of genius. This switched up the pace, and it was nice to showcase the future of grappling.

Gary Tonon collected 10,000 dollars for his tournament victory, and each athlete who successfully submitted his opponent in regulation time was awarded 2,500 dollars. The money is growing in grappling, which can only benefit the sport. EBI 3’s stream was very smooth and I had very little trouble with it, which is a good thing for a show streaming its first event.

Splitting the match up into rounds and having judges would still be a better option, but EBI 3’s rule set did a great job of pushing the action. I only found a few matches to be uneventful. With Metamoris doing big things, and EBI growing, the future of submission grappling is looking very bright.


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