McGregor’s Win Over Siver Shows Us Little

Conor McGregor absolutely beat the breaks off of Dennis Siver, and I’m not surprised at all.  McGregor fan boys will think that this is his crowing achievement, and it just might be, but that’s the issue. In my opinion the Dustin Poirier fight was McGregor’s best performance so far, but even that wasn’t too impressive. Well, it’s wasn’t impressive enough to warrant a title shot anyway. McGregor vs Siver 2The Irish superstar has yet to face the likes of Chad Mendes, Frankie Edgar, or Ricardo Lamas. These fighters are proven, elite fighters who have competed at a high level for a long time.

These fighters also share another thing in common, they are all WRESTLERS. Yes, I could talk about how McGregor’s two losses are by submission, but since that was five years ago, I’ll give him a pass for now. We have not yet seen McGregor against a high level wrestler, like the ones I mentioned above. The UFC has continued to match him up with strikers. The best part for McGregor is that the champ, Jose Aldo, happens to not have a wrestling background! Aldo likes to stand and trade with his opponents, which also happens to be McGregor’s style.

Don’t get me wrong, McGregor vs Aldo will be a ton of fun to watch, I just don’t think he deserves it yet. I would like to see Conor McGregor vs Frankie Edgar as an elimination fight. For me, this would show if McGregor could handle a legitimate, top ranked fighter. The guys he has been fighting haven’t been cans, but they haven’t all been high caliber fighters either. The UFC’s attempt to build McGregor up has been painfully obvious from the beginning. I’m not saying McGregor isn’t as good as he says he is, I just haven’t seen it yet. His fight with Aldo will be his first real test, and the UFC better hope he passes it.


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